We Clean the Air You Share

Save Energy | Reduce HVAC Costs | Purify Indoor Air

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Reduction in Energy Consumption

Close the Economizers: Recirculate Purified Conditioned Air

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Reduction in HVAC Operating Costs

Fewer Filter Changes: Reduced Labor and Material Costs

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Reduction in Infectious Diseases

University Hospital: Activated Oxygen Verified Effective

Our Technology

A system engineered with all of the tools necessary to purify your buildings and properties.

PureSite Atmosphere Control System

Reduce Energy Consumption
Lower Operating Costs
Environmentally Responsible - Cleaner Air!

The adaptive intelligence technology learns the needs of your building and logs all aspects of system performance. Monitors and maintains a clean safe environment 24 X 7 X 365, maximizing energy efficiency.
50% reduction in energy consumption, 80% reduction in operating costs,        95% Cleaner Air

PureSite Air Purifier

Reduce Energy Consumption by 50%

The Air Purifier uses USP Activated Oxygen to purify and disinfect. It Oxidizes every VOC, Destroys infectious diseases, Neutralizes all pathogens and Cleans all ducts, coils and plenums.
With PureSite you can recirculate that expensive conditioned air. It’s Environmentally Responsible and reduces Energy Consumption 50%.

PureSite Air Cleaners

Reduce HVAC operating costs 80%

Use PuresSite and Stop Changing Filters! 

Traps jet exhaust, smoke, formaldehyde, benzene, radon RDP, polonium, viruses (COVID), bacteria, mold, and other pathogens. Twice as effective as HEPA  and 45 times more effective than most pleated filters with a much lower pressure drop. Environmentally Responsible, Recyclable, and LEED Compliant

Now more than ever we need to clean the air we share.

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