Shelf Life Extended

Eliminate Ethylene | Destroy Pathogens | Increase Profits

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Reduction in Ethylene

You Can Control

The Ripening

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Reduction in Pathogens

Stop Bacteria, Fungus, 

Blue mold, Grey mold

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Increase in Storage Life

More Profit and

Happier Customers

Our Technology

A Controlled System Tailored to Your Needs. 

PureSite Atmosphere Control System

Eliminate airborne Ethylene
Mitigate pathogenic disorders
Environmentally Responsible

The adaptive intelligence technology learns the needs of your storage buildings or trucks and logs all aspects of system performance. Monitors and maintains a pathogen and ethylene free atmosphere, 24 X 7 X 365.
99% reduction in airborne ethylene.    95% reduction surface pathogens.

PureSite Air Purifier

Mitigate Ethylene, Destroy Pathogens
Reduce Energy Consumption

Distributes Activated Oxygen to Purify and Disinfect. Converts 99.9% of gaseous Ethylene to carbon dioxide and water. Destroys 95% of surface pathogens. Keeps fans, coils, drain pans and surfaces sanitized. Recirculate the Air and Reduce Energy Consumption up to 80%.