Eliminate Ethylene - Destroy Pathogens


IncreaseD Shelf life = increaseD profits

Ethylene and pathogens are
the enemies of food storage

Farmers are Paying the price: nationally, more than 30% of produce is lost between farm and table, globally more than 40%, and it comes right out of your bottom-line. 

Ø  Use a PureSite Controlled, Modified, Atmosphere system to reduce food loss, and increase profits at all points of post-harvest storage and transportation.

Ø  Limited shelf life results in limited sales opportunities. 

Ø  Shelf life (time to sell and deliver) is limited by commodity integrity, pathogenic disorders, humidity, temperature, and Ethylene concentrations.

o   In some commodities, reducing the Ethylene greatly increases integrity and shelf life.

o   Eradicating or destroying pathogens can increase integrity and shelf life in all produce.

o   Farmers, packers and distributors are under pressure to move product under restricted timelines, eroding farm profits.

Ø  Secondly, it’s a challenge to maintain produce integrity during transit.

o   Pathogenic and Ethylene damage from exposure to dirty containers, equipment exhaust, and many other sources.

o   Loss of commodity, loss of revenue, loss of profits. 

Ø  PureSite Patented System creates Activated Oxygen from ambient air and safely delivers it into controlled spaces using existing cooling  systems.*

o   PureSite Activated Oxygen mitigates 99.9% of gaseous ethylene.

o   PureSite Activated Oxygen destroys 95% of airborne and surface pathogens (bacteria, mold, rot, etc.).

o   PureSite Activated Oxygen eliminates the need for chemical fumigation.

Ø  PureSite System in Storage

o   Prolongs storage life by mitigating Ethylene and destroying pathogens, IE: Apple storage increased by three months, and Berries increased three weeks.

o   Reduces energy consumption by eliminating the need to purge cold storage rooms. Allows for higher storage temperatures.

Ø  PureSite System in Transit

o   Reduces damage from pathogenic disorders by destroying pathogens from all sources, adjacent fruits, dirty infected pallets, boxes or containers and trailers.

o   Reduces over ripening from Ethylene by neutralizing Ethylene from all sources.

o   Lower shipping costs by combining loads, Non-Climacteric and Climacteric fruits can be shipped together.

Ø  PureSite technology can:

o   Decrease shrinkage and extend commodity shelf life by mitigating ethylene, rot and fungus.

o   Eliminate dangerous, costly chemicals used in fumigation.

o   Reduce transportation expenses by mixing non-climacteric and climacteric fruits in the same load. 

Ø  The opportunity, use PureSite technology to increase shelf life and improve product integrity:

o   More time to sell, deliver and consume produce.

o   Reduce energy consumption.

o   More profit for farmers, packers, distributors and transporters.


Ethylene and commercial storage by USDA

USDA outlines how controlling Ethylene can extend storage life.

Ethylene leads to loss of Fruits and Vegetables

Ethylene removal can lead to a competitive edge with better looking better tasting fruits and vegetables

Activated Oxygen Inactivates Pathogens

Nara Medical University study confirms that Activated Oxygen neutralizes infectious diseases and pathogens

Activated Oxygen in Reducing Food Loss

A pilot study was conducted to access the capabilities of Activated Oxygen as a sanitizing agent in food processing,

Control Group | PureSite

*Note: Activated Oxygen has been declared as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for use in food processing by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1997 (Graham, 1997). Furthermore, Activated Oxygen is also recognized and allowed as an antimicrobial food additive by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA173.368) in 2001.

Technology from last century
(80's & 90's) is Dangerous and Ineffective:

  • Dirty Ozone:
    • Ozone generators and systems sold in the 80’s and 90’s actually add toxins to the air: Oxides of Nitrogen (NOX), Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, Ethanol, Isopropanol, Acetone, Formic acid, and Acetic acid. Poisons and damages produce and occupants.
    • UV Ozone generators damage the surface and skin.
  • Too Much or Too Little:
    • Too much to be safe for produce (damage to skin and meat).
    • Not enough to purify and neutralize Ethylene, VOCs and Pathogens.
    • Safety for occupancy unknown or dangerous.
  • Expensive operation, wasted energy::
    • Corona discharge systems waste 75% of their energy on heat and light.
    • UV bulbs are expensive and quickly become ineffective.

PureSite new patented technology
is Safe & Effective:

  • New technology creates Clean Activated Oxygen from ambient air.
    • Does NOT require a feed gas to be safe.
  • Proprietary adaptive intelligence monitors, logs and controls Clean Activated Oxygen concentrations:
    • Concentrations tailored to the need in commodity specific applications (ethylene elimination and/or pathogen reduction).
    • Controlled and logged for safety.
    • Alarms for safety within OSHA levels.
  • PureSite systems are energy responsible:
    • 95% of system’s energy is used to generate Clean Activated Oxygen.
    • Uses ambient air, nothing to replenish.
    • Recirculate Controlled or Modified Atmosphere and eliminate purging.
    • Reduce CA energy consumption as much as 80%